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Indest Consulting Services is delighted to announce we are now partnering with AEC Executive Search Partners. Beginning July 1st, 2016 ICS and AEC will be combining their years of experience and resources to provide the AEC Industry with the very best in research and executive search services. For more information about our services please contact Managing Partner, Mike Indest

How We Work:

AEC Executive Search Partners offers three different ways to assist you in finding the best candidate to fill your professional and executive openings.

Retained Searches:
This method of search is most consistently used for executive level positions. The majority of retained searches require an upfront payment of 1/3 of the estimated fee, the 2nd third to be paid 30 days into the search and the final payment to be paid within 10 days of the start date. Because all of our partners have experience filling C level and P level positions, we will not accept a retained search unless we are confident we can deliver results within the specific area of the search.

Contained Searches:
We are delighted to offer the opportunity to find your next employee using the contained search program. Quite often the job description requires a specialized search. This might not be an executive search but above the normal professional description. A very senior project manager, chief estimator, procurement officer, financial officer or an area manager are some of the in between jobs requiring a "specialist" candidate. This level of search is very similar to retained search except the initial fee is reduced and the remainder of the fee is collected within 10 days of hire. This gives the employer access to our research and reduces upfront costs as well.

Contingency Searches:
When looking for the best project manager, estimator, superintendent, or other professional level positions most firms prefer a contingency search. The search firm is paid only when the candidate is hired. AEC Executive Search partners are also very experienced in this type of search. We are happy to work on contingency terms if allowed exclusivity for a limited amount of time. We will concentrate our efforts in finding your best candidate if given ample time to research the market.

Who We Work With:

AEC Executive Search Partners has been retained to fill many positions with a wide variety of AEC firms within the industry. Our business is built on developing, nurturing and maintaining relationships. Our searches have consisted of many C level and P level positions. We take great pride in the services we provide and the lasting relationships that we are building with our clients.

If you would like to learn more about how AEC Executive Search Partners can benefit your company, please contact one of our partners.

If you are interested in seeking a new opportunity with one of our clients on a current or upcoming search, we ask that you submit your confidential resume.

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